Photo-Bonny 2.12.812.22

Create fun photo compositions with frames and clipart


  • Very easy to use
  • High quality resizable graphics


  • Clipart collection is somewhat scarce
  • You can't add new items to the collection

Very good

Want to make your friends look silly, for a laugh? Photo-Bonny is the perfect tool for the job!

This simple photo editor helps you create hilarious photo compositions by combining your own images with a bunch of small, nicely designed clipart graphics. The collection includes various items such as wigs, glasses, objects, symbols and all sorts of elements to 'decorate' the selected photo. Photo-Bonny also features a wide selection of ready-made frames with different designs for all occasions.

Using Photo-Bonny is really easy. All you have to do is open the photo you want to work with and start adding as many clipart items as you want. They can be placed anywhere on the image and can be freely resized. Photo-Bonny also includes a brush tool to paint the photo, and a basic photo viewer.

Photo-Bonny is definitely a great tool for easy, fun photo compositions, though the clipart collection is a bit limited and cannot be expanded.

With Photo-Bonny you can easily create fun photo collages with your own images and a colorful collection of clipart graphics.

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Photo-Bonny 2.12.812.22

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